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Matterport recently introduced the Matterport Pro3 Camera, with a high-precision LiDAR sensor, enabling the production of BIM models for architects. It is faster and more accurate (± 20mm) than previous cameras and can capture indoor and outdoor spaces in conditions from dim light to full sunlight. Here, we outline how we produce BIM models for our Architects.

  • Scan the property, using the Pro3 Camera. For most residential properties, we capture indoor and outdoor, in approx. 2 hours.

  • Upload the scan data to Matterport Cloud, producing a 3D Digital Twin of the property, including outdoor spaces. This model enables significant collaboration and means that the Architect does not need to re-visit the property in person, saving significant time.

  • Matterport also produces add-on BIM files (OBJ, .XYZ, and .PTS) for each Digital Twin, which we can download from our cloud account.

  • Our experienced BIM engineer then imports the data into Autodesk Revit and produces the BIM model (.rvt) and drawings (IFC, DWG and PDF)

  • We deliver the finished .rvt and drawings to our Architects. They use this model in Archicad or Revit, to accelerate their design process.

For our architects, it offers significant advantages to their project:

  • It is extremely efficient and inexpensive.

  • The site survey requires only a single person, is very easily coordinated and there's no need for any further on-site visits.

  • Digital Meetings and collaboration become more efficient as the digital twin is available to all involved in the project.

  • The BIM model, which is produced within days rather than weeks, means that Architects can start the design process immediately (and skip the tedious process of completing 3D modeling workflows).

  • There are significant time and cost savings.

The above process requires the latest Matterport Pro3 camera. It also requires extensive BIM experience. However, Daly Productions are in the unique position to deliver all of the above for the Architect, quickly and inexpensively.

  • Reduce corporate carbon footprint

  • Reduce travel costs significantly

  • One Matterport account in Ireland, for all your worldwide offices

  • Create similar design themes across global office spaces

  • Provide date-stamped digital twin to Insurance provider

  • Showcase International office or other facilities to employees and clients

  • Survey and document as-built spaces for retrofit

  • Use a local Matterport Service Provider, rather than sending someone overseas

Daly Productions has a network of Matterport Service Providers in every corner of the world. This allows the capture of Matterport 3D Virtual Tours, 'Digital Twins' without the financial or carbon cost of sending someone overseas.

Companies based in Ireland, but with offices or facilities in another country, can have one centrally managed Matterport account, where all their Worldwide Digital Twins are hosted. It means that if any editing is required, there is just one point of contact.

It also means that if they require a new capture in another country, no matter how far away it is, it can be arranged efficiently and quickly, with no travel required.

How it works: A MongoDB Case Study

  • MongoDB required Matterport Digital Twins of their offices in Dublin, New York, Sydney, Paris, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Austin and New Delhi.

  • Here in Dublin, we directly captured and edited MongoDB Dublin

  • For MongoDB Sydney, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Palo Alto and New Delhi, Daly Productions identified experienced local Matterport Service Providers.

  • We liaised with MongoDB in each of these cities, to arrange a suitable date for capture of their stunning offices.

  • Once captured, we arranged for the transfer of the model to the Daly Productions Matterport account in Ireland (can also be your own account)

  • We edited and now manage the Matterport 3D models here in Ireland

"The Matterport 3D modelling provided by Daly productions has enabled MongoDB to capture all of our recent new office projects, offering us a unique way to celebrate and share our growth successes. The final product offers us a value across marketing, recruitment, real estate, operations and employee experience groups. The beauty of working with Daly Productions is their ability to deliver this service worldwide, offering MongoDB a centralized, trusted partner to bring our offices to life digitally."

Gary Kelly, Global Program Manager REWS, MongoDB

  • Writer's pictureMairéad Daly

Updated: Apr 16

From hotels, wedding venues and event spaces, promoting your business with 3D tours increases bookings, facilitates event planners and allows customers to plan their events or wedding efficiently.

300% greater engagement with 3D virtual tours vs. 2D imagery

Showcasing an event space through a 3D Virtual tour, differentiates you from competitors and allows you to engage with clients in a completely new way. It brings the event space to life while highlighting the venue's technologies and capabilities.

Matterport 3D Virtual tours further enhance the user experience by helping to provide a real sense of depth and scale. Manually measuring spaces for designing table layouts or conferences and workshops, is outdated. With the ability to walk through the space and use the measurements tool, clients and event organizers having a virtual solution at their fingertips.

We are working with hotels throughout Ireland to allow them showcase event spaces so that visitors can truly visualise venues for their next event.

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