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Matterport to Archicad for the Agile Architect: A Case Study

Daly Productions provided Matterport 3D Services to Darragh Lynch Architects, for a residential house extension in Ranelagh.

Matterport's latest Infrared Camera was used to capture full spatial and photographic data of the property. With one single visit, Daly Productions provided the following assets:

A dimensionally accurate virtual tour, with dollhouse, floor-plan views and measurement tool

Schematic Floor Plans

Point Cloud and Obj Files

Darragh Lynch Architects used these assets to produce an Archicad model.

Matterport to Archicad

Although Point Cloud files were useful in developing their Archicad model, the architect also used the Matterport Virtual Tour and Schematic Floor Plans, in their design process.

The process eliminated manual photography, manual measurements, errors and visits to the property.

The architect team collaborated remotely on design, as they could view the property, as though they were there in person.

The result was a highly agile process with survey costs reduced by 50% and Archicad Modelling time reduced by 40%, with less errors, discrepancies, more accuracy and greater collaboration.

More importantly, it allowed Darragh Lynch Architects to focus on what they do best; highly creative architectural design.

Darragh Lynch Architects can be found here.

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