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Physical Workspace remains key in Mongo DB's Successful Recruitment and Onboarding Program

MongoDB's stunning International Headquarters, based in Dublin, was completed in July 2020. Similar to employees throughout the world, their 300+ Dublin workforce has been working remotely.

However, MongoDB's Dublin Headquarters proved to be a vital tool in it's successful recruitment and onboarding of talented employees. Daly Productions produced a 'Digital Twin' of the new headquarters at One Ballsbridge, (see below), showcasing the stunning workplace, including collaboration spaces, meeting rooms, restaurant and cafes.

'Our beautiful 41,000 sq ft office space across 4 levels enhances MongoDB's brand reputation for employees, customers and investors alike. We've discovered that even in a hybrid working environment, the physical office space still has a critical part to play in the overall Employee Experience'. Jon Adair, Director - Global Real Estate at MongoDB.

As part of MongoDB's recruitment drive, the Matterport 3D Virtual Tour, which features a virtual walkthrough of all floors, is provided to candidates. The company has doubled in size since early 2020 and new employees have confirmed that viewing the virtual tour and their future office environment significantly influenced their decision to join MongoDB.

'We continue to grow our workforce in Ireland, successfully recruiting top talent. We found the Matterport 3D virtual tour invaluable in this process, enabling MongoDB to recruit top talent in a competitive market'. Jillian Gillespie - SVP Finance and Operations and Dublin Site Leader.

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