• Mairéad Daly

An efficient and accurate 3D solution for Architects

You can now eliminate manual measuring, manual photography, inaccuracies and errors, with a simple 3D model at your fingertips.

Architects can use a combination of the 3D Immersive model, the Schematic Floor Plan and the exported Point Cloud files, to create an 'As Built' model in Archicad.

You can also use 'hotspots' to annotate the building, marking or explaining features. For example, the Architect for this South Dublin office renovation project., used hotspots to provide their first draft concept.

You'll never need to revisit the building and you can use the model to collaborate with stakeholders and sub contractors, so they will not be required to visit in person either.

Capture takes a couple of hours, is inexpensive and highly efficient.

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Dublin, Ireland.

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