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An efficient and accurate 3D solution for Architects

You can now eliminate manual measuring, manual photography, inaccuracies and errors, with a simple 3D model at your fingertips.

Architects can use a combination of the 3D Virtual Tour with Dollhouse view, along with the BIM files for:

As-built creation

Capture existing conditions before beginning the design phase. Replace lengthy manual measurements with an accurate and fast 3D scan. We can produce the Revit/3D drawings for you, saving you time and enabling you spend your time more productively and efficiently.


Speed-up subcontractor estimates by eliminating the need for site visits.

Construction progress

Document and share construction progress with owners and collaborators

Create virtual punch lists

Communicate effectively by annotating the 3D model with notes, links, photos, and videos.

Remote inspection

Save travel time with remote inspections.

Project turnover

Improve facilities management capabilities and customer service by sharing a full “digital twin” of the property with owners

Producing your Matterport survey, takes a couple of hours, is inexpensive and highly efficient.

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