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Matterport 3D for Engineering

Streamline documentation and collaborate with ease, saving costs and time, through a Matterport Digital Twin.

Collaboration, Training, Marketing

  • Embed pop-up notes, links, videos, and e-commerce workflows in your 3D model.

  • Use your Digital Twin as a training tool, with full documentation available to existing and new project teams.

  • Improve facilities management capabilities and customer service by sharing a full “digital twin” of the facility/space.

  • Use the Digital Twin in your sales process, to show potential clients what you are capable of.

In the model below, for EPS, we captured the pre-packaged plat room with the Matterport Pro2. We then used Mattertags to document the technical equipment.

We produced the model below, for Flow Technology, after capturing and documenting the container, prior to it's shipment to a to major Data Centre in Ireland.

It takes under an hour to capture a small space. Daly Productions :

  • Captures your space with the latest Matterport Pro3 Lidar Camera

  • Adds text, video, images or links to relevant areas and equipment in your space

  • Uploads to cloud and provides link or embed code for your use

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