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How can Virtual 3D Technology Transform a Renovation or Building Project?

Reduce unnecessary project inefficiencies and expensive errors and delays by capturing and annotating your building project with an Immersive 3D Digital Twin.

You can now eliminate manual measurements, hand notes and manual photography in your project. A 3D Digital Twin also means you don't have to revisit the site to communicate with project stakeholders. It also improves contractor bid accuracy.

In the above example, see specific marked spots in the space. You can add video, imagery or an external link with more information, to these hotspots.

Use them to reduce friction and time to resolution by communicating to stakeholders exactly where the problem is.

You can easily jump from floor to floor or to specific highlighted rooms of the building.

Measure any object or area in the space, such as a window or wall.

Daly Productions, based in Dublin, is now capturing and documenting buildings for construction projects in Ireland.

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