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Show off a beautiful work environment to attract the best talent

If your organisation has invested substantially in creating a great work space, why not ensure that the best talent has access to experience it.

Providing a contemporary 3D Virtual Tour will enable prospective talent to visualise themselves in your organisation.

Explore in 3D

A 3D Virtual Tour allows the user walk through the building, as though they were there in person.

It can inspire trust and confidence and may affect the employees decision to proceed with the job application.

4K Resolution 3D Virtual Tour on your website and your job advertisement.

The latest Infrared camera, produces professional 3D virtual tours that can be embedded on your website, posted to social media platforms or placed on the job advertisement itself.

See our Showcase Matterport Virtual Tour of MongoDB Headquarters in Dublin.

The stunning building is shown off in the immersive tour, along with Dollhouse View , a video-like walkthrough tour and the addition of 'tags' to bring the users attention to specific features.

Added Benefits

There maybe additional benefits to your organisation, in producing a 3D Virtual Tour

In addition to inspiring trust in your prospective talent, it also inspires trust in your clients.

Insurance Loss/Restoration and Dispute Resolution; A 3D Virtual Tour, is a date-stamped digital twin of your building, providing full property documentation, so you don't miss an inch.

It is a strong asset for a facilities manager in terms of building management and health and safety.

Your support manager will love it's ability to speed up technical resolution. He/She may include multimedia customised hotspots at technical areas, in order to assist the support team.

There are a number of very compelling reasons to have a 3D Virtual Tour of your building; however, attracting top talent might be one of the strongest for 2021.

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